Welcome to my website. My name is Anne Stormont and I'm a writer. I've written stories since I was a child. I began by making up stories to tell to my four little sisters. Then I wrote plays for me and my friends to act out. There's rarely been a time in my life when I've not been making up and writing down stories. But, because I was busy being a school teacher as well as a wife and mother, it took a very long time to get my first book written.

Change of LifeI was born in Scotland. I grew up there and it's where I still live. But I've also travelled all over the world. My travels have included a teaching exchange to South Africa, two trips to Australia and several visits to Israel. In fact I've visited every continent except Antarctica – somewhere I really want to go as I absolutely love penguins.

DisplacementI'm a compulsive crossworder, yoga practitioner, avid reader, keen walker and gardener. I enjoy riding pillion on my husband's motor bike and I also love spending time with my friends and family – most especially my two grandchildren. I can be a bit of a subversive old bat, but I try to maintain a kind heart.

I've published two novels so far. The first one was Change of Life and my latest one is Displacement. They are contemporary fiction where the all-too-human characters face up to challenges that involve love, loss and some of life's biggest questions. My novels have been described as thoughtful, grown-up fiction where the main characters are older but no wiser.

I'm happy to do book signings, readings and talks. I also write lots of non-fictional stuff on my blog.

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