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Hello and Welcome – to this new page on my website – yes the site now comes complete with a brand new blog.

And as you’ll see below that’s not all that’s new in my world of writing at the moment…

Website relocation

My website has moved house – same domain name – but different host – and visitors to the site can expect a bit more to be happening at my home on the internet from now on.

Why the change?                        

I didn’t really know what I was doing a couple of years ago when I first asked the wonderful Annie at to set me up an author website.  The word on author street was I needed a shop window for my books, so that’s what I went for.

I had my WordPress blog for interacting with readers and was quite happy to keep it separate from the website.

Fast forward to now – and I’ve learned a bit more. I want a more dynamic set up where I can engage with existing and prospective readers about all thinks bookish. So I went back to Annie and to her business partner Ian at and they made it so. Thank you Annie and Ian – you rock!

Now it’s over to me to learn how to make best use of the revamp.

I’d like to set up a sign up facility for an author newsletter that I will send to the folks who are kind enough to subscribe.

And I want a way to offer exclusive stories to my visitors and subscribers.

These developments will take time, but for now it’s just good to have ‘moved house’.

In short, I want a more immediate way to engage with readers via this site – and I intend to learn how to do so.

New Blog – Don’t panic

I don’t plan on quitting my Put it in Writing blog just yet, however. For now I’ll keep it going in tandem with this new one here.

New Book News

And finally, Book News – my new novel entitled Settlement has now completed its journey through editing and I’ve signed off on the cover. So excited! For those of you who don’t know, Settlement is the sequel to Displacement and continues the story of Rachel and Jack. It will be published in the early autumn. So watch this space for launch alerts. And the new book’s cover reveal will follow soon.

And finally if you want to be sure you don’t miss any of my writing/book news – such as the upcoming cover reveal – then do please sign up for email alerts about all future posts.



  1. Ian says:

    yet another test

    1. Anne says:

      comment successful 🙂

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