You would think as the author that I'd know what my book is about - and I do -but it's not easy coming up with the exact classification and single word decriptions that will ensure prospective readers find it and get the sort of book they were expecting. My latest post on my blog explores this challenge. You can read The Genre Conundrum here.


Hello from a decidedly chilly Scotland. More snow over the weekend and a biting east wind makes it hard to believe that it's Spring. But the cold weather means I'm quite happy to be at my writing desk. There's a new post on my blog with all my latest writing news which you can read here.



I was delighted to be invited to spend a virtual evening in with Linda over at her Book Bag blog. We chatted about my novel Displacement and a bit about its sequel Settlement due out later this year. We also enjoyed a wee dram and some tasty snacks – appropriate to the setting of the book. You can read all about it in Linda’s post here.


Hello and Happy New Year to all my readers. I wanted to let you know about my first blog post of 2018 which includes news on my new book - amongst other things. You can read it here. Remember that you can  get  an email notification every time I put up a new post - just visit the blog and sign up. 



So that's it! The first draft of the sequel to Displacement is now done. I've written the magical words 'THE END' at the foot of the Settlement manuscript. And now the really hard work of filleting and redrafting begins. I actually enjoy this part of the novel-writing process. I always aim to have it so perfect that my editor won't be able to find a single thing that needs changing. Of course that never happens :-) But there's nothing wrong in striving for perfection. I'll keep readers updated here with progress and publication date as soon as I know it.



I've just posted about book number 13 in the 26-books-in-52-weeks challenge over on my blog. This time the book had to be one with a number in its title. Now it may have a number in its title But The Story of English in 100 words by David Crystal is a book all about words and their origins. You can read more about that here on my blog. 



It's been far too long since I updated readers here and I do apologise. Since my last post , amongst other things, I've moved house which included a spell lodging with family. It was hard finding not just time to write but also the 'headspace' to do so. However, that's all done now. I'm settled in at my new place and back at the desk.

So, where was I/ am I with the writing? I was tantalisingly close to finishing the sequel to Displacement before the move, so that's first on the list. And I must say it's good to be back with my characters. Rachel and Jack have been in limbo for months now -  poor souls -  and I'm excited about bringing their story to its conclusion. Publication will be later this year. So watch this space.

In the meantime you might want to visit my blog from time to time. You can sign up to receive my latest posts via email when you visit the blog. You can read my latest post here. It's all about a reading challenge that I'm involved in this year.



NEW BLOG POST: November Writing News - It's a busy month with writing and writing-related work. I'm working hard to finish the first draft of my new novel, Settlement. I'm also teaching writing and doing two author talks. Find out more here





Writing: What's in it for me? It's a fascinating journey and I never know quite where I'm going to end up. You can read more in my latest post here There's also a bit of advance detail from my work-in-progress - the sequel novel to Displacement.




Today on my blog I've posted on what it means to me to be successful writer. It's not all about sales.

Here is the link.




Here we are in July and I reckoned it was high time my readers got a writing update from me. So here it is:

As, you'll know if you've read previous news snippets here, I'm currently writing the sequel to Displacement. It's fun being back with Jack and Rachel and it's great to see where they're heading now. However, I never planned to write a sequel. It was reader feedback that persuaded me to go for it. And because I never planned it, I didn't keep all my book notes. These notes included things like maps of, for example, (fictional) township, Halladale, floorplans of Jack and Rachel's houses, character biographies and so on. Some of this stuff was on my computer, but most of it was in notebook that I hadn't kept. I know! I've learned my lesson.

The provisional title of the sequel is Settlement. Of course in order for there to be a story, I've had to unsettle my characters' lives from the happy place they were at  by the end of Displacement and set them up with new problems and obstacles to face. This process is necessary for any story. I've heard it described as putting your characters up a tree, throwing stones at them, and then eventually getting them down again.

This book will see Rachel returning to the Middle East and aspects of Jack's past coming back to endanger him. I'm just past half way with the writing and the rest is all planned out - just needs written. The plan now is to publish early in 2017.

And - you heard it here first - I'm also finding as I write, that ideas for maybe, possibly, perhaps, a third part to the Jack and Rachel story. But we'll see. And yes, I will keep all my notes from now on.

Apart from working on the novel, my other writing tasks include my weekly blog posts, writing updates like this, and posts for my Facebook author page too. So I'm keeping busy,

I love to hear from readers so do get in touch either on here via the contact page, or on the other sites mentioned above.

I'm also on Twitter as @writeanne.




We all experience bereavements. it's never easy to let go of a loved one. The theme of grief and loss features in both my novels. In my latest post on the blog I've written a tribute to my oldest friend. We met in primary school more than fifty years ago. She would have been sixty a couple of weeks ago, but sadly she died in 2002. I still miss her.


When I'm writing I find music helps me to get started and to stay in the zone. Today I've written a blog post about how this works for me. You can read it here.

And in other news, I'm making good progress with the first draft of Settlement, the sequel to Displacement. Now on Chapter Six.


Happy New Year to all my readers. I'm now back at my desk after a lovely Christmas with family in Edinburgh. Time to get on with some writing. I've started with a new blog post full of my latest news You can read it here.


So the outline for Displacement part 2 is now complete -ish. I've writen chapter one and I can reveal that the novel's working title is Settlement. Publication date is to be fiinalised but I hope it will be in 2016.


ADVANCE NOTICE: Kindle offer - Displacement and Change of Life will be free to download from 21st to 25th October. Click on either title here to get your copy. You don't even need to own a Kindle. Just download the Kindle app to your tablet or phone and take it from there.


EMOTIONAL TURMOIL: A partner post to the one mentioned immediately below is now on the blog here. In this post I explain some of the emotional upheavals that the main characters in Displacement have to deal with.


From the Hebrides to the Middle East and back.

There's a new post on my blog which explains the background to and reasons for the choices I made about the settings and the plot for Displacement.  


So decision made a sequel to Displacement it is. I've begun outlining the plot and I must say it's good to be back spending time with Rachel and Jack again. I have a working title - but more of that later...


I'm currently planning my next novel. Actually I've got two possible outlines on the go and hence I have a bit of a dilemma.

And that dilemma is - do I go with a completely new story or do I write a sequel to Displacement?

Reader feedback has been almost unanimous as far as wanting to read more about Jack and Rachel's lives is concerned, but that has been in unsolicited responses and not in answer to an either/or question - that is 'would you prefer my next novel to be a sequel to Displacement or would you rather have something completely new and different?'

So, readers what do you think? What would your preference be?



Day 1 of the new website. Thanks to Annie Pennington at for designing it to be just the way I want it. I plan to post regular updates here on the News page about my novels - published and in progress - and about any other writing related activities that may be of interest to visitors to the site.

My immediate plans are to get cracking on some publicity work for Displacement. I have ordered some bookmarks, fliers and posters to help with this - designed by Jane at - Jane also designed the cover for Displacement. I'll be visiting local bookshops and also arranging a local radio interview as well as a newspaper review.



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